Barack Obama meets Bluto and Otter

Just after Barack Obama was elected to the White House, a website devoted to him got moved into Animal House. A few months ago, National Lampoon took a small flier into politics, buying On Wednesday, the day after America elected Obama to the nation’s highest post, the aspiring comedy conglomerate revealed that it had closed the deal. (Although terms weren’t disclosed, we guess the transaction cost National Lampoon less than $10,000.)

National Lampoon’s purchase of continues its transformation from essentially a licensing business to a company with actual operations. It has done that largely through acquisitions, picking up a half-dozen Web humor sites so far this year. That flurry of dealmaking has pushed the ‘new media’ portion of National Lampoon’s overall revenue to 20%. The company plans to at least double that level within three years. (Incidentally, National Lampoon, perhaps best known for the film Animal House, is a publicly traded company. No joke. It currently sports a market capitalization of just $8m, but only trades some 9,000 shares in a typical day on the Amex.)

In the interest of a ‘fair and balanced’ account of our White House election M&A report, we also tracked down the guy who owns The first thing he told us is that he also has a hand in and was going to register, but ‘spaced’ on it. As for, which is little more than a placeholder, the owner says he hasn’t received any M&A overtures for the site.

National Lampoon’s 2008 acquisitions

Date Target
November 5
September 4 ZingFu Enterprises
August 19
February 11 Comedy Express (assets)
February 4 Rivalfish
January 9 College Hangover

Source: The 451 M&A KnowledgeBase

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  1. I like to hear that the Lampoon is coming back, and that thry are public, may as well own some.

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