Canvassing for corporate votes

by Brenon Daly

Who better to pick this year’s top deal than the folks who actually do the deals? One question in 451 Research’s annual survey of corporate acquirers, which is only open for two more days, is which tech print in 2019 stood out to them the most. The top vote-getter receives our coveted Golden Tombstone award.

As the professional buyers look at the $450bn in M&A spending on 3,500 tech transactions so far this year, which single acquisition will get the nod from their peers? Could it be PayPals sweet reach for Honey? Or will Salesforce elbow other deals aside? What about Broadcom becoming one of the largest information security vendors on the planet? Or is the take-private of Ultimate Software this years ultimate transaction? (Of course, all of us here at 451 Research have our own pick for this year’s most-significant deal: Hello S&P Global, Inc.)

This year’s top tech transaction is just one of several questions that we have asked each year in all of our surveys of tech M&A professionals since 2007. Other areas that the quick and painless 451 Research Tech Corporate Development Outlook Survey explore include activity forecast, valuation expectations and even their take on the other exit, IPOs. For corporate acquirers interested in taking part in our annual survey, simply click here.

Figure 1: M&A activity

Source: 451 Research Tech Corporate Development Survey
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