NIMBOXX wraps up VDI deal

Contact: John Abbott

NIMBOXX looks to make its mark on hyperconvergence by scooping up Virtual Bridges’ VDI assets. VDI is one of the most common use cases for hyperconvergence, and by incorporating Virtual Bridges’ VERDE software, NIMBOXX gets full ownership of a software stack that it had previously offered only through partnerships. That full ownership should enable the company to significantly undercut the prices fielded by market incumbents Citrix and VMware.

The acquisition is a quick way for NIMBOXX to expand and strengthen its expertise in a key market segment. Since NIMBOXX came out of stealth last year, it’s seen hyperconvergence go mainstream with the introduction of EVO:RAIL by VMware and, more recently, Citrix’s purchase of Sanbolic’s file system software for use in its own hyperconverged VDI appliance, the WorkspacePod.

By building out its entire stack based on the KVM hypervisor, NIMBOXX reckons it has both pricing and technology advantages over the incumbents. The VERDE buy is a good fit for two very specific reasons. One, the VERDE software has also been built based on KVM. And two, the team is local, headquartered in NIMBOXX’s hometown of Austin. The transaction leaves Virtual Bridges with Bridgepoint, the cloud orchestration software it launched last year.

We’ll have a detailed report on this transaction in tomorrow’s 451 Market Insight.

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