Arbor reaches Down Under for network analytics startup

Contact: Brenon Daly

Three years after Arbor Networks sold itself to Danaher, the security company has announced its first transaction as part of the technology conglomerate. Arbor has picked up Packetloop, a bootstrapped, five-employee startup based in Sydney, Australia, that specializes in network security monitoring and analytics.

The addition of Packetloop takes Arbor far beyond its core offering and market, which, historically, has been selling DDoS detection products to service providers. While service providers still account for a majority of the company’s revenue, sales to enterprises now represent 40% of total revenue, and are growing faster than the service providers business.

The deal also fits into a growing trend of existing security vendors looking to add capabilities around data analytics and visualization, rather than using M&A strictly as a way to step into new infosec markets. Just last week, for instance, Click Security reached for fellow startup VisibleRisk, while earlier this summer, Proofpoint added an in-memory threat-scoring startup called Abaca Technology.

Even old-line Blue Coat Systems caught the trend, paying an uncharacteristically rich multiple for Solera Networks. In fact, much of the network forensic capabilities that Packetloop offers are directly competitive with Solera, which was acquired just three months ago in what we understand was a highly competitive process.