Dell as a mobile manager?

Contact: Ben Kolada, Rachel Chalmers, Chris Hazelton

Dell hasn’t hidden its intentions of leveraging its hardware legacy to extend into the enterprise IT market, particularly in regards to software. The PC and server giant recently reinforced its goals with the $2.6bn acquisition of systems management vendor Quest Software. But, as we point out in a recent report, its next move is likely to be in mobile management.

Former CA Technologies CEO and current head of Dell’s software division, John Swainson, made our job a bit easier. Swainson hasn’t been explicit with his plans, but we read some of his recent statements as a signal that Dell may make an imminent move into mobile device management.

That makes sense. Connected devices are the primary target for new applications. They’re also fountains of data that can be gleaned and distilled into BI – which is among the four focus areas for Dell’s software group: security, systems management, business intelligence and applications. In a report detailing the possible future of Dell’s mobile management, we prognosticate about how the company may move into this sector, and with whom. Click here to read the full report.

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