Quest shops again, virtually

Contact: Simon Robinson, Brenon Daly

A year after closing a deal with Vizioncore that got Quest Software into the storage virtualization market, the company went shopping again this week. The systems management company picked up some of the assets of venture-backed MonoSphere, most notably its Storage Horizon product. This is a storage analysis and reporting tool designed to help storage managers assess the capacity optimization of their existing multivendor arrays so they can reclaim unused capacity and project future requirements more accurately. Storage Horizon will slot into Quest’s portfolio for managing storage in virtualized server environments, which is currently sold under the vOptimizer Pro brand.

As part of Quest, MonoSphere may well have the opportunity to deliver on the promise of its technology. (It was that potential that attracted some $41m in backing from Intel Capital, ComVentures and Lightspeed Venture Partners.) On its own, MonoSphere didn’t have much to show for itself. That’s a familiar story concerning other storage-reporting specialists, which often find that large enterprises are hesitant to buy such tools from small vendors, especially when their existing suppliers are happy to offer similar functionality for little or no cost. But with Quest, which counts more than 100,000 customers and expects to report some $730m in 2008 revenue, MonoSphere may be able to land customers that had previously slipped through its hands.