The ever-increasing appetite of

Contact: Brenon Daly just keeps taking bigger bites. The company announced Wednesday that it will hand over $326m ($276m in cash and $50m in stock) for social-media monitoring company Radian6. Not only is it’s highest-priced acquisition, it also likely brings more revenue than any other deal the company has done, at least based on our estimates for previous transactions and the company’s guidance for Radian6. indicated that the Canadian startup would contribute about $50m in sales during the current fiscal year, which is about two months old.

The purchase, which is expected to close by July, also puts an exclamation point on the changes in dealmaking at The 11-year-old SaaS pioneer stayed out of the M&A market for the first half of its corporate life. And even when it started doing deals in 2006, the first half-dozen or so acquisitions were all small, valued in the low tens of millions of dollars. only started announcing major purchases last year, with its $142m reach for Jigsaw Data followed by its $249m takeout of Heroku.

As sizeable as the deal is inside, it also looms pretty large inside the burgeoning social CRM market. Consider this: at roughly one-third of a billion dollars,’s pickup of Radian6 is more than 50 times larger than the acquisition of another social CRM startup just last week. Privately held Meltwater Group paid just $6m for JitterJam to bolster its social CRM offering, which the company hopes to be a $100m business within three years.