Verizon drives toward convergence with CloudSwitch buy

Contact: Ben Kolada, Antonio Piraino

True to its intentions of bolstering its cloud prowess and less than half a year after completing its Terremark Worldwide purchase, Verizon Communications has now acquired cloud onboarding provider CloudSwitch. The timing of the deal comes as a surprise – CloudSwitch was still in startup mode – but that only goes to show the strategic importance Verizon is placing on this technology. CloudSwitch provides a proprietary technology that helps Terremark onboard workloads from internal IT infrastructure to its cloud platform in a more seamless and non-reconfigurable way.

CloudSwitch is addressing the first hurdle faced by the cloud platform proposition – how does a company with an established IT practice even begin to consider transitioning to the cloud? ‘Bursting’ over to the cloud, and making it so that applications can shift seamlessly to the cloud without rewriting code, is a good start. Giving enterprise system administrators the ability to point and click through an entire datacenter migration project is highly attractive for operations staff to consider migrating to a cloud environment. Even though hybrid mixes of in-house and off-premises resources are expected to exist for quite some time, there is still a considerable opportunity for providers in the space.

My colleagues at Tier1 Research don’t believe that Verizon/Terremark is finished building on this enterprise cloud play. When it has developed the infrastructure (including onboarding and orchestration layers), they expect that it will continue to move further up the IT stack. And in this era of heavy M&A activity, there’s a fine line to be drawn between buying prior to proven maturity and possessing technology before your competition grabs it, making this a good investment for Verizon/Terremark.